Our long-range objective is to develop unique low-to-moderate budget projects by working with talent, then selling those projects at no less than the standard industry minimums. We will not deal with companies that are not Guild signatories or that are not willing to pay Guild minimums.

In addition to projects already in development, the Company may acquire and develop additional projects in various stages, including first-draft scripts, treatments, television packages, and book rights.

To achieve its objectives, we will continue to develop relationships within the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, New York and production entities abroad. All projects will be handled on an individual basis, depending on the needs of talent, the requirements of the project, and the interests of the investors. All projects must appeal to the growing global market. According to the LA Times, international movie ticket sales accounted for 73% of box office receipts in 2015, up from 66% in 2010.


Immediate Funding

We are seeking $500,000 USD from active investors for pre-production funds for the film, The Murder of Professor Culianu, the Ioan Culianu Story, and development funds for the Untitled Medical Series for television.

Long-Range Funding

We are in the process of developing a business plan to expand investor involvement in the company. This will enable us to:

(1) secure finishing funds for The Unmaking of Giordano Bruno, a feature documentary on Stephen K. Bannon and Italian philosopher, Giordano Bruno.

(2) produce a feature screenplay of The Thing I Am, a rap adaptation of Shakespeare's Coriolanus, develop a stage production and produce an original rap soundtrack .

(3)  develop a PBS television series with Calum A. MacRae and the American Heart Association on healing the heart through transformation medicine.

Short-term revenue sources are the outright purchase of company product and/or advances against purchase and distribution. The screenplay for The Murder of Professor Culianu has a projected value in the range of $350K USD. Other sources include advances, outright sales and payment on completion of a project; foreign and domestic theatrical sales; foreign and domestic digital sales; syndication; and other ancillary markets.

In spite of the high rates of return possible in the long run, we have chosen to focus on the more secure short-term sources of revenue. Opportunities for long-range, high-risk investment will be offered on an individual, project-by-project basis.

Long-Term Revenue Opportunities 

Down-stream participation in projects will be handled on an individual basis. Investors will have a first-right to invest in additional stages of production. It should be understood, however, that a first-platform launch does not include the full development costs of taking a project to screen. These costs will be borne by a buyer: corporation, studio or production company that will assume that responsibility and benefit accordingly.


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