The Murder of Professor Culianu (working title)  Feature Film. A political thriller about the assassination of Ioan Culianu, professor of religion, magic and the occult at the University of Chicago, successor to Mircea Eliade. In May 1991, Ioan Culianu was shot execution style at the Divinity School's Swain Hall. The search for his killers led the Chicago police and FBI from a psychic channel in Chicago to Washington, D.C., to the newly formed Romanian Government in Bucharest. Script developed with John B. Crye (Memento, The Prestige); in co-production with Creatrix Films. Ted Anton and Andrei Codrescu, Consultants. In Development. $12MM USD. 

The Unmaking of Giordano Bruno   Documentary.  Renaissance philosopher, Giordano Bruno, was burned at the stake by the Inquisition in 1600 to celebrate the new century. The project has 50 hours of footage shot in Rome in 2000 during the 400th anniversary of Bruno's death. Ten hours of events and interviews in the Campo dei Fiori shot by award-winning filmmaker, Mike Rubbo (Vincent & Me; Waiting for Fidel), are available; an additional forty hours of interviews with Cardinals at the Vatican were shot by Steve Bannon with Father Ken Gumbert, Dominican Filmmaker. This footage disappeared and the project has been on hold for almost two decades. The Unmaking examines why and how  Bruno is still being suppressed, and how his ideas are still  threatening and relevant to today's world. Trailer by George Langworthy (Vanishing of the Bees): (7:34 min.). Trailer by Frontline's Will Lyman: (3:28 min.). Project In Development.

Affairs of the Heart  A reality Series for Television. The project is in development with Calum A. MacRae, former Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital.  Dr MacRae is the recent recipient of a $75M grant from the American Heart Association. Originally planned to be a Cosmos on genomic medicine exploring the origins, prevention and cure of disease, our new direction will focus on key elements of Dr MacRae's new program, One Brave Idea: Our goal is to entertain, educate and save lives as well as support Dr. MacRae and the American Heart Association in their new approach to wellness. In Development.

Beyond Time   Feature Film.  A Holocaust story told as never before, over coffee and apple strudel by old men who still idolize the Fuhrer and who, we discover, are still organized.   Adapted from two books, Quest: Searching for Germany's Nazi Past by Ib Melchior and Frank Brandenburg and Diary of a Man in Despair by Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen (Fritz Reck).  In 1979 Frank, a 16-year-old German boy, saw The Holocaust on television and embarks on a quest to find out more, traveling throughout Germany, ‘befriending’ and interviewing the surviving Nazis, now in their 80s. In the late 1930s, Fritz Reck, a Bavarian aristocrat, risked his life to keep a secret journal chronicling the rise of Hitler. Frank's story moves backward in time; Fritz Reck's story moves forward in time. At the end, the two stories come together.  Script Available.

The Thing I Am  Feature Film. Rap adaptation of Shakespeare’s play, Coriolanus, set in South Central, L.A. Screenplay by Julia Jones with Stephen K. Bannon. Actor Robert Guillaume produced a staged reading in Los Angeles. Table reading by NowThis Media, April 2017. The project is available for stage and screen.  Script Available.

Kreepto Man    Noir Comedy.  Parody of the male action-adventure genre.  Soap-opera writer, Lily Ann Mertz, stumbles upon an international arms-drugs ring and decides to use it to break into the macho world of action-adventure film—if only she can figure out "what the Bad Guys are up to." She meets security guard, Ed, who lives a fantasy-life of being ‘undercover FBI,’ and the two trip lightly through mine-fields of villains, ultimately proving that ignorance is bliss and God does indeed protect fools and the pure of heart. Quarterfinalist, Scriptapalooza. Script Available.

Surfing the J-Curve   A Short Film adapted from the best-selling New Zealand novel, Stonedogs, by Craig Marriner, winner of the Deutz Metal for Fiction at the Montana Book awards, Auckland, New Zealand. In development with Billy Squire; Jackie Dennis, Executive Director at PEN New Zealand Inc; and the author, Craig Marriner. Script Available.