Julia Jones   Managing Director, East Coast Pictures, LLC

Ms Jones has a 30-year career writing, developing and financing films.  Her original screenplay, Discretion Assured, was released in 1994 and starred Michael York and Jennifer O'Neill.  In 2004, she wrote and produced In The Face of Evil: The Epic Struggle of Ronald Reagan with writing partner, Stephen K. Bannon. A year later, she founded East Coast Pictures LLC to develop and produce independent film.  In 2006, Robert Guillaume staged a reading of her rap adaptation of Shakespeare's Coriolanus at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles.  In 2008, she and Mr. Bannon also adapted the New York Times best-selling book Left to Tell: Finding God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust by Immaculee Ilibagiza for Academy Award winning producer, Steve McEveety (The Passion of the Christ, Brave Heart). She has served as creative consultant to Bannon Films, Genius Products, Inc. and Affinity Media in Los Angeles. She was co-writer with Steve Bannon for 17 years. A member of the Writers Guild of America West, Ms Jones has an honors degree from Harvard in English Literature.

Dorothy Keville   Managing Director, East Coast Pictures, LLC  

Ms Keville, an actor and model, was the lead in Fish and Chips, a 40-min. independent film and winner of Best Short at the Sanford International Film Festival.  A member of the Screen Actors Guild, she was nominated by New England Actors for Best Dramatic Actor in a Monologue. She is now focusing her considerable talents on independent film. Prior to her acting career, Ms Keville was a lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry in Washington, D.C.  Her work began at the Department of Health and Human Services where she served as the Secretary’s representative, successfully negotiating programs with the White House. She created the Government Affairs Office for the American Pharmacists Association and later joined Burroughs Wellcome where she founded the AIDS Drug Assistance Program Working Group. Ms Keville also co-founded Africa Bridge, an HIV/AIDS project that serves orphans in Tanzania. She now serves on the Advisory Committee with Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Ms Keville has an M.Ed from Antioch University.


James Ulmer
is International Editor of Cinema Without Borders, reporting on product, talent and activities at film festivals and markets around the world. His 20-year journalistic career has included writing for Variety, The Los Angeles Times, The New York TimesThe Observer London, and entertainment writer for PriceWaterhouseCoopers.  He was international editor and columnist for eight years at The Hollywood Reporter where he reported from film festivals and markets and created The Ulmer Scale: James Ulmer's Hollywood Hot List - The Complete Guide to Star Ranking. The Ulmer Scale is based on the film industry publications he created at The Hollywood Reporter — the Actors Hot List and the Directors Hot List — which have become the industry's most reliable and comprehensive tools for measuring global value and bankability of stars and directors.

Patricia Pelham-Clinton-Hope is an actress with a strong background in music. She was born in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and grew up in England where she studied acting at the Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol. First cast in John Schlesinger’s Far from the Madding Crowd, she moved to Los Angeles in 1970 and spent the 70s in the music business, on the road with Delaney & Bonnie and Friends and Eric Clapton; Fleetwood Mac; Dave Mason; and Donovan.  In Los Angeles, she was mentored by John Cassavettes and Peter Bogdanovich. Her films include The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, Nicklelodeon and Mask. 

Billy Squire is Director of Ransom Note Productions where he oversees corporate events and national tours for performers. He is also Director of Video Content at UR Business Network in Cambridge, Massachusetts, serving as their on‐location videographer and documentary director. From 1999-2009, Mr. Squire worked as Media Coordinator with Sky TV and Mediaworks in New Zealand, supervising system content. He also worked at The Radio Network in New Zealand as a Voiceover Artist and Copywriter.

Jonas Miller studied at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, with a special interest in film, media and business. He was awarded Best Inside Sales Representative by UPS in Europe before beginning his graduate studies.  His Master's thesis is on information architecture and how it relates to recipients and users.  Mr Miller is currently advising East Coast Pictures with its next phase of development.  He is a member of the Danish Film Academy.

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