Our primary goal is to identify properties and talent before they come to the attention of mainstream Hollywood, scouting and overseeing the acquisition of creative projects, then guiding them to sources that will honor their creative vision and see them through to completion.

As a small, flexible company, we believe we can assist in securing a viable slate of projects for the strong, new and emerging international market. Our most substantial profits will be generated through participation in the final product. We plan to develop a hands-on approach to creativity, working closely with writers and independent producers, assisting in the acquisition of creative properties by honoring artistic integrity for the writer’s vision, as well as for the final product.

Thus, the Company is a new paradigm for entertainment, designed to create quality independent product for a first-platform launch into a variety of media markets. The Company will focus on providing films for sophisticated moviegoers, quality writing, low-cost development, and projects with high appeal in the growing international marketplace.

To meet its goals, the company will develop alliances with writers, independent filmmakers, and key players in the entertainment industry. By working closely with talent and developing international co-production alliances, we believe we can reduce risk and produce a slate of individualized projects tailored to meet the needs of an ever-changing global market.

Immediate Objective

We are seeking to gather a core of active investors who will participate in and assist in funding an initial slate of projects for the company.

Return on Investment

Initial returns will be generated by selling projects in the early stages. A minimum of three to five projects a year are slated for development in the form of first-draft treatments and screenplays for film and television. The majority of these projects may not be fully developed as shooting scripts but will be secured “intellectual properties” in a variety of formats made in cooperation with independent producers and mini-studios, television and direct-to-video distribution.

As a small, flexible company with a hands-on approach to creativity, East Coast Pictures will not be at the mercy of elusive trends but, as partners with talent, will be at the forefront of emerging trends, well-positioned to benefit from changing public tastes and able to quickly move our investors into the latest areas of profitability.


In today’s market it is risky to invest in entertainment product at the current industry rate using known fads and numbers given the time it takes between the conception of a project and when that project is released into the market. Our philosophy is that working closely with talent will be more effective in identifying properties that will appeal to the public's changing tastes. By doing this, we believe the Company can stay on top of trends and, at the same time, create a slate of independent projects unencumbered by large overhead.

We also believe that small, responsive and flexible models are becoming essential to the creation of successful product; and although the end-line corporate buyer will most likely participate in and control much of final product, the large corporation cannot respond quickly enough to new trends to effectively initiate unique product. As such, they will become more and more dependent on independent producers for original product as they are forced to rely, in-house, on imitation, remakes, and sequels.

A New Model

The solution is a new model that can develop projects for less, involving talent in both risk and profit in order to spread risk and keep development costs manageable. Thus, this model will assume risk on the experience of talent, not on the calculations of corporate committees that rely on computer modeling that cannot predict what will be “in” two years from now.

East Coast Pictures is this model, a talent bank designed with a traditional payback system to provide a return on investment as well as a resource to assist talent in realizing their visions. Through aggressive marketing and our network of established producers and distributors in the Industry, East Coast Pictures will also serve as a pipeline moving off-the-radar product effectively into a market that is increasingly in need of content.


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